Volunteer Spotlight-Kathy B.

Volunteer executive assistant to ceo-kathy b.

Kathy Brewer was a Sharing Life volunteer through her church for years.  One day, after attending a church conference, Kathy was praying and felt like the Lord was telling her that she needed to become Teresa Jackson’s Executive Assistant.  Kathy brings a wealth of knowledge, a lifetime of experience, and expertise in many areas to Sharing Life.  She has blessed Teresa and her entire staff by helping with administrative duties, software management, as well as special events.  Kathy’s attention to detail is one of her greatest attributes.  We love and appreciate all that Kathy has done and continues to do to propel Sharing Life.

Family is dear to Kathy’s heart.  She has been married for 38 years, has one daughter, one surrogate son, and 4 grandsons.  Kathy feels blessed to be surrounded by almost all of her family.  Kathy graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a BA in Journalism.  Early in her career, she was the Editor of The Shorthorn newspaper and the Arlington Citizen Journal.  She has also been a freelance writer for the Mesquite News and Rockwall Express.

Kathy spent 30 years in the oil and gas industry working as a “Lease and Certified Division Order Analyst”.  One thing that she is proud of is that fact that her daughter, who also works in the oil and gas industry, was the very first Legacy to take her mother’s Certified Division Order Analyst number.  It brings great joy to Kathy when talking about her family and that her daughter chose to follow the same career path.

Kathy has held multiple positions and been involved in many other philanthropic groups.  Most recently, she has been involved in the Mesquite Women’s Club and Mesquite Preservation Foundation.  In her free time, Kathy can be found working outside in her pecan orchard with her husband.  They operate the Texas Pecanderosa in Sunnyvale.

 When asked about working at Sharing Life, Kathy had many things to say…

“The thing I love most of all is the hearts of Teresa and the staff.  They are genuinely compassionate to those in need.  Sharing Life acts out the mission statement every day by providing resources for those in need to get out of poverty.  I enjoy using all the skills that I’ve learned over my entire career in this position.  Every day is a challenge and no two days are the same here at Sharing Life. “

A fun fact about Kathy is that she was a Dallas Chaparrals cheerleader.  The Dallas Chaparrals later became the San Antonio Spurs.