Volunteer Spotlight – Jim Northcutt


Jim has been a volunteer at Sharing Life for 12 years. He shares his time and talents with us three days each week. Some of his duties are picking up food donations from area restaurants and grocery stores, assisting clients shop for food in our pantry, greeting donors and getting donations to the proper spots in the building.  Jim's ability to help in so many areas is such a blessing to Sharing Life.

Jim also volunteers at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital on Thursdays.  He attends a Methodist church in Lone Oak, TX and his favorite words are “Help Thy Neighbor”.  In his spare time he enjoys woodworking and his all-time favorite book is Lonesome Dove.

Jim’s most memorable moment at Sharing Life was on a Friday, our Senior Citizen Day. He was helping a client who reached up, hugged his neck and said a simple but heartfelt “Thank you!”