Spotlight on Karen Long


​Karen is a recently retired Speech/Language Pathologist and has dentists, stay at home moms, basketball coaches and history teachers in her immediate family.
She heard about Sharing Life through the local newspaper and was impressed with the type and scope of work we do so thought she would join us as a volunteer.
She is a “newbie” and volunteers in the clothing area. She mentions that her co-volunteers are delightful and she enjoys visiting with the folks who come to shop for clothes.
Karen is active in several other volunteer pursuits and is a member of Park Cities Presbyterian Church.
Karen loves to hang out at Half Price Books, shop for flowers and food, paint abstracts, garden and read in that garden. Her favorite activity is having dinner with her entire family.
In the short time that Karen has been here, she already has experienced a memorable interaction. She spent some time listening to a person whose “string of woes broke my heart”. That same person turned around and sought out the prayer needs of the volunteers so she could pray for them. In Karen’s words -
Karen brings a delightful smile, a passion for serving, and a gentleness to our volunteer corps. We are glad she is here!