Food Pantry

The Sharing Life Food Pantry

In Partnership with the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB)
One of the foundational services we offer is a full-service food pantry. In June of 2016, we continued our growth in this area by renovating our warehouse space in order to add large walk-in refrigerators/freezers in addition to expanding our food shelves. This has allowed us to become a Hub of the North Texas Food Bank! Our partnership with the North Texas Food Bank has provided to opportunity to offer better quality of food and quicker, more affordable service to the surrounding smaller food pantries. Instead of those small pantries having to visit the main facility near downtown Dallas, they can make the much shorter trip to the Sharing Life Hub to pick up their food. This saves them transportations costs, as well as providing the opportunity to use any addition funds to provide other services to their clients.

To learn how to take advantage of our food pantry services, please visit

PDF Download link to NTFB/Sharing Life flier

Read more about our partnership with the North Texas Food Bank here.

***Data for Sharing Life Hub partner locations provided by the North Texas Food Bank and Texas A&M Geoservices***