Medical Education Programs

Educational Programs.

In order to get a job  (or in many cases) a better paying job, you must have training/experience. Better jobs, with better pay and benefits are key to a more secure future. At Sharing Life, our goal is to assist our clients to get the training they need in order to better their lives, as well as their family's lives as well. Our training opportunities include:

Entry-level Healthcare Training

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El Centro College is partnering with Sharing Life to provide training for people interested in health care as a profession. The purpose of
this partnership is to fill the critical need for professional health care workers in the future. Programs offered at Sharing Life through our partnership with El Centro College are:

Phlebotomists collect blood for testing or donation to be analyzed in a clinical laboratory.

Community Health Worker (CHW)
Students learn how to advocate for individual and community needs to ensure they are provided the services they need, including referral
and follow-up services.

Patient Care Technology (PCT)
Patient care technicians (PCTs) work alongside doctors, nurses and other health care professionals to provide direct patient care in a
variety of health care environments. PCTs help patients with tasks they may not be able to do for themselves, such as eating, getting out
of bed and personal hygiene. Becoming a patient care technician prepares you for entry-level positions in the health care industry if you want to go right to work. The position is also an excellent foundation for future medical careers such as nursing, radiological sciences and imaging specialties.
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Financial Classes & Coaching
We have recently begun a class teaching our clients how to budget their money, tax planning and how to plan for their futures. It's important for our clients to learn how to use their money and other resources wisely as they become more successful in their lives. For more information, please email Beth Byrum.

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COMING SOON! English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
English as a Second Language (ESL) classes make life easier for our clients whose native language is not English. Learning the basics of the
English language by taking ESL classes can make the difference between getting a job and it can help in dangerous situations such as a medical
emergency where communicating clearly with first responders is critical. It is also key to helping immigrants transition into every day in
America and become citizens. Classes are taught by trained and dedicated individuals who want to be a part of helping others achieve their
goals and dreams. And lastly, it is a huge morale booster and fear-breaker to be able to communicate with those around you!

PRÓXIMAMENTE Inglés como Segundo Idioma (ESL) clases para facilitar la vida a nuestros clientes cuyo idioma nativo no es el inglés. Aprender los fundamentos del idioma inglés tomando clases de ESL puede marcar la diferencia entre obtener un empleo y puede ayudar en situaciones
peligrosas como una emergencia médica donde comunicarse claramente con los socorristas es crítica. También es clave para ayudar a
los inmigrantes a transición en cada día en Estados Unidos y convertirse en ciudadanos. Las clases son impartidas por personal entrenado
y dedicado a las personas que desean ser parte de ayudar a otros a alcanzar sus metas y sueños. Y por último, levanta el moral y
ayuda en perder el temor en poder cómunicarse con los demás.
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