Group and Corporate Volunteering

Corporate and Group Volunteering

Increase Corporate Pride • Improve Company Morale • Enhance Relationships
Strengthen Problem Solving Skills • Make Connections

What studies show about corporate/organization volunteering:

96% of Americans agree that volunteering makes people happier.*

92% of people who volunteer through their workplace report higher rates of physical and emotional health.*

88% of employee volunteers report volunteering provides networking/career development opportunities.*

94% of companies surveyed believed employee volunteering provides a way to raise employee morale.**

66% of employees reported a greater commitment to the company as a result of their experience volunteering.**
Studies show that students who volunteer...
  • Volunteering decreases the risk of depression.
  • Show increased measures of social and personal responsibility.
  • More likely to treat each other kindly, help each other and care about doing their best. 
  • More likely to increase their sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy. 
  • More likely to be engaged in their community organization and to vote for 15 years after their participation.

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*From "Do Good Live Well Study" (UnitedHealthcare & VolunteerMatch), 2010
**Volunteering—The Business Case: The Benefits of Corporate Volunteering Programmes in Education (Corporate Citizenship & City of London), 2010